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Simply Sugar Free Cookbook

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50 Simple and Delicious Sugar Free Recipes

Are you diabetic, sugar free, or just trying to get healthier while still maintaining a normal life. 

Do you want to indulge in pleasurable food yet still maintain your waistline? 

The Simply Sugar Free cookbook was born out of the need to find something to satisfy my hunger and desires for not only easy/healthy food, but to detox from the most common drug in the world: SUGAR.  I had gastric bypass a couple years ago; combining that and sugar free / bread free living, I lost 160 pounds in a year.  I have a lot of friends who have had the surgery, people I know that are diabetic, and a husband and kids with a sweet tooth … so I started experimenting with sugar free cooking to fill a need in my life and those around me.  When I began to research sugar free recipes I found a lot of bloggers who were using ingredients I had never heard of or would never buy (what is Xanthium Gum anyway … and where do you get it – the black market?!?!?!).  I needed to find some easy, budget friendly,and tasty recipes that I would actually want to eat and I could "trick" the people in my house into eating!  If it cost more than the shirt I’m wearing or I can’t find it at the local grocery store then it isn’t in this book.  I hope my journey can help save you some time, calories, and stress over your health.  I hope you enjoy the recipes and find better health and peace of mind knowing that you are taking control of your eating habits and cutting out sugar simply.

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