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Zechariah's Song Band

Melissa's New Single: Carefree

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Zechariah's Song Band officially started in 2006, but Melissa has been in music ministry since she could talk. 

At the height of the band the girls were singing over 100 places a year, wrote over 70 songs, recorded a CD, and had a weekly radio show.  With a platform of purity before marriage, Zechariah's Song strives to encourage youth and young adults to a life of abstinence, integrity, and respect of self. Their mission is to tell others of the saving knowledge of Jesus. They hope that people not only leave their show happy, but also more aware of Jesus and the sacrifice He has made for us all.   Their debut CD is a beautiful mix of musical styles all focusing on the most important thing - Jesus! Even with contrasting vocal styles (gospel and jazz), these ladies still manage to blend magical harmonies to glorify God.


Because of life changes (moves and marriages), Melissa is back to a solo career singing several times a month at events, leading worship at churches, providing support to non-profit organizations through her Abundant Life Tour Concert Series, and much more.  She is a Character singer/actor at events; recently reprising roles of Elphaba from the Wicked musical and Mary Poppins.  Melissa uses the talents she has been given as a "re-gifting" to God for all the blessings He has put in her life.  Romans 12:6 states: "We all have different gifts according to the grace given to each of us", and she is choosing to use her gift for the Glory of God.  She would like to thank everyone for their support and love throughout the years and hopes that her music will bless all who hear it and bring them closer to the spirit of God.  If you would like to book Melissa to sing at an event please contact her through one of her many media outlets.



Luke 1:67-81 (Zechariah's Song)
"Praise the Lord God of Israel for he has provided redemption for his people. He has granted us salvation from our enemies and from all who hate us. He has shown mercy to our fathers and remembered his holy covenant. He has rescued us from the hand of our enemies, enabling us to serve him without fear in holiness and righteousness all of our days. You will be called a prophet of the Most High; for you will go before the Lord to prepare the way for him. You will give his people the knowledge of salvation, through the forgiveness of their sins, which is shown by the tender mercy of our God. The rising sun will come to us from heaven to shine on those living in the dark shadow of death, and guide our feet into the path of peace."

Just as Zechariah praised God through song, "Zechariah's Song" wishes to serve the Lord; not just through music, but in every area of their lives. Yes Zechariah praised the lord, but that isn't the whole story ... In Luke 1, Zechariah was told he and his wife (Elizabeth) were to have a child. Shocked by this miracle because of their old age, Zechariah argued with the Lord. Therefore he was stripped of his ability to speak, due to his sin of doubt. He remained mute until his son's (John the Baptist) birth, at which time he regained his voice, enabling him to write a song foretelling the prophesies his son would fulfill for the coming of Jesus. "Zechariah's Song" pray that they might not doubt the message that God has given them and hope that they may proclaim the coming of Jesus to the world.

God has instilled in us a passion for His word and for music; enabling us to combine the two and form what we hope is an evangelical witness for the furthering of His kingdom. We have dedicated our lives to serving Christ through our music and all other aspects of our lives (Romans 12:6-8), and pursue this endeavor in the hopes that God will be glorified. We thank you for your continued support and fervently covet your prayers. Our one goal is to bring the message of Jesus to a lost and dying world, and we thank you for believing in us and the God we serve. We hope you will be blessed, not by our abilities, but by the radiance of God shining through us and our message.

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